Professional Sales and Service
Expertise in buying and selling Gold and Silver Jewelry, Gold and Silver Coins both foreign and domestic as well as a host of other products.
We buy coins Silver and gold Currency and Bullion
We buy and sell coins both silver and gold currency and bullion. Some U.S. 1964 and older currency is 90% silver but few are aware that the 1965 to 1970 kennedy half dollars are comprised of 40% silver. We aim to not only purchase and sell but to educate our customers.

     We are your local purchaser and distributor of all things gold, silver and platinum. Our family owned and operated business has been in service to the Central Pennsylvania area for over a decade. Our prices are fair and consistent with market prices. We use real time fair market value to remain competitive in an ever changing and uncertain industry. Amongst our greatest assets is our diversity. We not only handle Gold, Silver and Platinum Jewelry and coins. We also purchase, service and resell many of the leading and popular consumer electronics. Our product lines include but are not limited to, iPads, Laptops, PC's, Video game consoles and games, DVD's, Blue Rays, Tablets, TV's, iPods, Vintage Video Games, Baseball Cards, some Antique and Collectible Merchandise and much, much more!

     If you are in need of cash and have old scrap jewelry or coins or even an old video game that is collecting dust in the attic we can help. If you are looking for a bargain on Jewelry, Coins, Electronics or some other toy or game we are the place to shop. Bottom line, if you want the most cash for your things and want the best deal on a purchase, Newberry Exchange is your best option! Also try our location in Lock Haven or at the Silver Moon Market in Lewisburg. Where we buy and sell gold, silver, coins, video games, electronics and much more...

Pawn broker type business Paying Cash for Gold
We pay top dollar for your scrap gold and silver. We buy gold and silver coins jewelry and otherwise for cash. We pay Cash for Diamonds and other items as well.
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We are always available for inqury on facebook or leave a message on the store phone 24/7 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. As a Pawn Shop or Pawn Broker type business we are not only a retailer selling quality merchandise at great prices but we ar a service type industry offering Cash when you need it in Xchange for resellable or scrappable goods.